Best IELTS Training Centre in Panchkula

IELTS MASTERS is the best IELTS training centre in Panchkula. If you have freshly made up your mind to crack the IELTS exam then joining IELTS MASTERS is the best decision. IELTS is an English language proficiency test that is used to access the language ability of the candidate. This test is used as a base if you want to study in an English university or want to get residence in an English country.

You need to get a good score in the IELTS exam if you want to get admission in your desired university or you want to get residence in your desired English country. Our certified staff has catered the modules in such a way that you will not face any difficulty while giving the exam. We make sure that our students get the desired result in the IELTS exam.

Who we are?
We are a team of expert certified trainers who are dedicated to enhancing your communication skills in English speaking, reading, writing and listening. We have the right training program with a mix of unique tips and strategies customized just for you. Our staff makes sure that student invests 45-60 minutes every day in each module of IELTS to get expert level proficiency in the language. We not only help them to improve their communication skills but also help them to boost their confidence and to improve their overall personality.

How IELTS score is calculated?
If you are an IELTS aspirant then you must be curious to know how your IELTS score will be calculated ? Your IELTS score is calculated by taking the mean score of four test components (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking).

For Example:
If you get 7.0 in the listening, 6.5 in the reading, 7.0 for listening and 8.0 in the writing then you will be awarded will the overall band score of 7.0.

How should I prepare for the IELTS exam?
Well, there is no hard and fast rule to prepare for the IELTS exam. The first and the most important thing is to find the best IELTS training center in Panchkula if you feel like you don’t have good command in the English language. Once you have sorted out that which IELTS training center in Panchkula you want to join then you should take care of the following things:
• Practice your English speaking skills in four ways: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
• Read as much as you can as reading will help you to enhance your vocabulary.
• Try to communicate with other English users about your work and daily life routine in English.
• Try watching English movies as it will help you to understand their accent and will ultimately help you to get a good score in listening.
• Try every day to write 300-400 words on any topic.
• Once you are confident enough about your skills start giving more and more mock tests so that you can work on your weakness and get the desired result in the IELTS exam.

If you got any confusion regarding the IELTS exam then we are just a call away, get in touch with our certified experts by calling us at 0172-4085408.

Tips to crack IELTS exam
Our team of experts has collected some information to help our students to get the good score in the IELTS exam.
• In the listening module, focuses on listening till the time recording stops. Keep looking at the questions that relate to the part being played.
• Make sure to answer the listening question in the order they appear on the question paper.
• Check your spellings and grammar while writing the answer
• In the Reading module, start by going quickly through each passage to identify features such as topic and the writer’s purpose.
• Make sure to take care of the word limit.
• In the Academic writing module, organize and link your ideas and sentence properly.
• If you write less than 150 words in task 1 and less than 250 words in task 2 then you will lose marks.
• Make sure to check your essay once you are done to make sure that you have organized it properly.
• In the speaking module, make sure that you don’t talk about something else other than the topic that is given to you. Focus on the topic that is given to you during the speaking module.
• Speak directly to the examiner, not to the equipment.
• Whenever you are replying “Yes” or “No” to the examiner question, add few details to the answer that will show your clarity towards the topic.
• In the speaking module, always remember that you are not being tested on the basis of your knowledge but on the basis of your communication ability.
• You will be given 1-3 minutes after giving the speaking topic so make sure to jot down all the possible pros and cons of the topic in your mind.
• Don’t fumble while speaking.
• Structure and link your ideas and sentence properly.
• Speak clearly and try to use a wide range of vocabulary while speaking.